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Originally Posted by Tumbit View Post
Being stark raving English, but having lived here in Spain for 6 years, the Mrs and I wanted to choose a name for our baby daughter that represented both countries and would be equally recognised and popular.

The reason we wanted to do this is both so her name wouldn't stand out in the Playground in Spain and so that everybody could pronounce it. Also, for similar reasons if we ever had to return to the UK in future.

We looked into it, and decided on a name that we initially believed to be Latin (and therefore representative of most of Europe as a whole) and it was only after she was born that most of the Older Spanish generation told is that it was an old and somewhat 'unfashionable' spanish name that they were really pleased to see revived (which has resulted in many of them giving my daughter a lot of attention - everybody in the Town seems to know her name ) : Aurelia
Beautiful name, congrats on your daughter.
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