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Thanks very much so far, everyone!

Beckett: thanks for the point of view! I'm definitely the type of person who loves "old people" names in English (well, not so much Gertrude and Harold, but Iris and Edmund are two of my favourites), and it doesn't bother me when other people don't like them because I don't think that there are negative issues which arise when you name your kid an old name (in terms of people judging the child or the parent).
My prof last year said that when someone in Spain is named something 'weird', they are probably from Latin America or their parents are 'hippies'. I'm not sure if 'hippies' is a super negative thing, but it seemed like the consensus is, "If you have Spanish children, don't name them something crazy".
The only Spanish kids I know are named Pau, Marķa, Ariadna, Alicia, and Carlota, so I have absolutely no frame of reference.

Tumbit: I LOVE the name Aurelia! Congrats on your little girl! I think I would follow along the same lines as you did- pick a name that works in both Spanish and English, just in case we might have to move. And I wouldn't want him or her to stand out as "obviously your parents aren't from here", and I hope my eventual-husband would be able to walk me through the dos-and-don'ts of naming in Spain... but this is just the kind of thing I think about.
Thanks for sharing your story!
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