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Default Top Forum Tips! Adding photos and videos, and more!

As a photographer myself I like nothing better than to see your images from Spain.

There are three ways of using the forum to show us the pictures from your trips to Spain (for instructions of adding video, scroll down 2 posts!)

1. Attached to your post. When you start or reply to a new topic, look in the 'Additional Options' box at the bottom of the page and attach up to four images to your post. The images can be up to 800 x 600 pixels (for .jpg's) and 100 kb each in filesize, so you will probably have to do some resizng first. Options 2 or 3 below are better than this for posting your pics.

2. Via the NFS Flickr Group (best way!) The best way is to link to pictures stored elsewhere on-line, that way there are less limitations in terms of size, number etc. For that reason we have set up the Notes from Spain Flickr Group, a place for all of us to share our images of Spain. So, upload you images to Flickr, for free (just sign up and away you go), put them in the Notes from Spain Flickr Group (optional, of course!), and use the 'image' tag (mountains on yellow background icon, above post writing area) to link them into your forum posts. Just enter the location of the image - get this by right clicking on an image in Flickr and copying the link/image location.

That's it, your image will appear in the actual post, plus it will show up in the great new Flickr group as well! Just remember to keep the size you link to down, say 600 x 400 maximum, or they won't look good in the posts and may take ages to load. Here's an example of an image I've put in the group and linked to here (Madrid cab):

3. Link to your pics from somewhere else. You don't have to put your images in Flickr, we just think it will be more fun for all of us. You can put your images on your own server, anywhere you like on-line, then just link to them using the image tag method outlined above.

Hope that makes sense! Now show us your photos of Spain!

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