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Originally Posted by Beckett View Post
It's been awhile since I checked out I knew that they had been bought by eBay but I didn't know that eBay was going to do away with the old Loquo set-up. It used to be a great place to find up-to-date room for rent listings, language intercambios as well as other people interested in activities like playing tennis, running, going out, etc. Now the site has been converted to eBay and is only about buying and selling stuff.

What Spanish sites (i.e. in Spain) have you guys found that have picked up some of this slack? I know of Spanish apt rental sites and intercambio sites but I'm wondering if there's a site out there that covers both territories? In the past, when Loquo was still around, Craigslist Spain was pretty weak. I wonder if that has changed.

Which sites are you now using to find intercambios and activity partners and "rooms-for-rent" in Spain since Loquo went bust?
I only found out about this the other week when I tried to access Loquo and ended up on e-bay! I didn't know Loquo had gone bust - do you have any details? And what is e-bay doing with them? They seem to have got rid of a craig's list style site and replaced it with e-bay - why?

It seems there is a bit of a gap in the Spanish market for a Craig's list style website.
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