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Originally Posted by lyrebird View Post
I think the loquo on ebay is official. I've been trying to access the job section for days and I always end up on Ebay and there don't seem to be anything relating to jobs- does anyone know where I can find it?
(or any other useful links?)
I'm focused on jobs in and around Barcelona.

Are you trying to access it from outside of Spain? That is the reason. eBay has it set up so that if you try to reach Loquo from outside of Spain, it will route you to eBay. It's stupid but that's what's going on. They should at least give people an option between the two sites because plenty of people want to visit Loquo even though they're not currently in Spain.

I sent eBaySpain an email a couple of weeks ago asking them why eBay kept turning up instead of Loquo, and they emailed me back saying that people outside of Spain get routed to eBay's site.

I am in Spain and have been routed to eBay's site when I've tried to reach Loquo, so it must be something with Vodafone (my ISP address) that is causing eBay to pop up from time to time.

My recommendation to you is to use a service that will mask or "anonymize" your non-Spain IP address. Then you will be able to view I use a service called Viscosity so that I can watch the BBC from Spain.
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