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Default message for Ben & Marina

As your post box is full (can't imagine why ):

Ben I'm somewhat surprised I must say. I know the traffic is not enormous on the forum and that software updates/glitches and stopping the spammers can be a pain but also forums can be revenue earners in the sense they can cover costs and be a prospect list with brand loyalty.

Have you considered handing this over to someone? I might well be interested; especially based on the success of the chat group (now 50 members and more arriving weekly). I have spanish family who need to occupy time and am already 20 years running a home based IT company.

Perhaps we could come to a mutually beneficial arrangement?

Is there a large hosting cost?

Please do get in touch if there might be a possibility.

All the best, Nigel

ps. Strangely I had mentioned to Juan Carlos that perhaps if the chat group grew much more that we should offer it to yourself as you may see it as a revenue opportunity and we had only intended for it to be small.
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