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Here's a previous discussion thread where this same question was asked:

Here's what I wrote previously on the subject of entender vs. comprender:

Regarding entender and comprender, you entender with your ears but comprender with your brain.

Think of "entender" as general understanding and "comprender" as understanding concepts/ideas or understanding the significance of something.

For example, let's say you go to a party and start chatting with a guy who just so happens to be a nuclear scientist. You ask him about his work. Initially you understand (entender) what he is telling you, (his name, the university where he works, etc.) but as the description of his work gets more and more technical and complicated you find yourself unable to comprehend (comprender) what the heck he's talking about, even though he's speaking to you in English, or whatever your native language is.

There's also the meaning that Acosta mentioned, that you "comprender" a person. It's like you "get" or you understand where that person is coming from. Like your best friend wants to quit his job because he's frustrated and burned out in the position. You could say that "lo comprendo", that you understand him, understand his frustration, etc
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