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Originally Posted by barry View Post
10 common mistakes Spaniards make , By Richard Vaughan
1.Spaniards think that with 300 hours of class they will have mastered the language enough to get by. The real figure should be around 3,000 hours, including classes, home study and real-life practice.
2 Classes are not the only solution. At best they solve 20% of the problem. It is absolutely essential to study alone (40%) and nip all language-related fears in the bud in real-life situations (40%).
3. Spaniards cannot accept that there is a tedious part: mastering oral agility of the grammar.
4. They assume that if they can understand their teacher, they will be able to understand in real communication situations.
5. They link progress to accumulating grammar and vocabulary. When we do focus on oral and aural confidence-building, they complain about "not progressing".
6. They leave learning English until after their degree.
7. They are not persistent in their efforts to learn and become easily disheartened.
8. They refuse to accept that attaining a good level of English requires a heavy investment of both time and money.
9. They aspire to a perfect mastery of the spoken language which is impossible. Listening should be their priority.
10. They think that they can learn English simply by going abroad. This is not usually true unless they live there for years.
What he says seems fair enough (though I rather like how he mentions needing time then says it again but links it to spending money!) but it only suggests the problems.

"Rangers lost because they failed to score enough goals" may be correct but it's hardly useful.

So what does Richard Vaughan have to say about
  • how to master the oral agility of grammar
  • how to focus on oral and aural confidence building
  • how to listen
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