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Originally Posted by Culebronchris View Post
I rather like how he mentions needing time then says it again but links it to spending money!
Well he would say that wouldn't he.

Well at least you have identified your own problems so you are half way there.

I had already identified these as problem areas and now feel confident enough in these areas, but he doesn't mention my current problem of mental agilty of grammar usage, or straying into a topic in which I don't have sufficient vocabulary.

The relevant point is that if you are at all concious of shortcomings in your abilities as a speaker then a mental block is a certainty and nothing coherent will occur.

Students have various methods for achieving these goals, which is why he says 80% is down to you. Maybe a good teacher could recommend the best methods that would suit an individual.

David Beckham famously said
I can string the words together but can't understand the replies.
So if you can't yet listen effectively don't even try a conversation. Once you can listen effectively the learning curve is exponential.
Listening should be their priority
I found the original article, it may be of some help.
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