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i am brand new to the forum and to the podcasts, but i can't get enough of them! The moment i hear the sweet sound of the madrilenan accent i nearly cried! I spent this past year in madrid studying at Complutense, and as seems to be a popular response, fell absolutely in love with it. They had to force me on the plane to go home.

As i graduate from college this coming may it is of course on my mind to find a way back to spain, even for a brief time (brief being a few years!) i met many people, even some americans, who teach english in madrid and have for years, however... they all somehow have EU passports, this of course was discouraging as i have nothing of the kind.
I have a few questions about what Ben posted... if you enter the country they know if you have bought a one way ticket? and they will make you buy your return ticket on the spot?

if i was to go over and teach english without papers, and i didn't leave the country until a few years later, will they question why i was there for x number of years? the excuse that my studies went on longer seems like it might not hold up in that instance.

is it possible to get working papers through an english school, if they hire you, will they help you get your papers? or do you need them before you even apply?

also, is an international company such as starbucks an option. is it possible, if you work at a starbucks in the states to request a transfer in other countries?

sorry, so many questions! Thank you again!
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