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Default Seven Days in May

My wife and I are headed to Morocco to visit our son (well, her son, my stepson) who's been studying in Rabat this semester. We're giving ourselves two weeks off, but he won't be available until the second week! So we find ourselves with a week to visit somewhere else. What could be better than Spain? Clara que nada.

However, we: (1) don't want to spend a fortune, and (2) don't want to be spending all that much time traveling around from place to place. So we would like to either just stay in one city, and make side trips from there, or maybe see just two cities.

We've heard many people say Barcelona is the best! Our travel agent noted that Madrid and Barcelona are the most expensive, and we ought to consider Sevilla. Maybe we should do Madrid and Sevilla -- isn't there a very fast train between the two cities?

Anyway, I'm assuming that in mid-May, weather shouldn't be the determining factor, right? (It will be pretty nice everywhere, no?)

For first-time svisitor (who plan to return to Spain in the future), what might make a good week? Should we definitely see the Alhambra? I think it would be fascinating, but my initial googling suggested it would take a while to get to...

Any and all suggestions appreciated.



P.S. In case it matters, we're coming from the U.S.
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