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Originally Posted by pinoypaulo View Post
First of all, I fully understand your concern regarding my posting of questions asking for HELP with regards to some questions that I find difficult to answer. I sincerely agree with you! yes! there maybe some people who would take advantage of this forum to benefit themselves in one way or another. As you have mentioned some may even have stolen questions from their schools and have them answered through this medium. I see your points clearly and you are right!

Well admittedly I was at fault when I did not give my own answers to these questions and I guess I should have done it in the first place before seeking other people's answers. I deeply apologize for that.
Me alegra que comprendas la importancia de esto, y desde luego, no había necesidad de disculparse ni de explicarse largamente ¿Por qué no envías nuevamente las preguntas con tus opciones seleccionadas en color? Así podemos indicarte si es correcta, y en caso de que no lo sea explicarte lo necesario. También en caso de que no entiendas un tema puedes abrir un hilo completo para él.

Originally Posted by pinoypaulo View Post
Secondly, I have sent my personal request for support and of course a short note of appreciation thru their emails to some of our great foreros here (Pippa, Lucas and Rebecca and some other great people) and I have even told them the reason why I need answers to these questions.


Well I hope I said my piece just exactly as I wish to express it and I will continue to seek your support and those other foreros here in Notes in Spanish because to tell you honestly I AM A GREAT FAN OF THIS FORUM!
Keep your questions and answers coming. There are plenty of people here trying to help and no questions seem to "stump the band"
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