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íHola a todos! I'm Liz [Isabella] from New Zealand and I am a bit new to adding messages so pido disculpas if I make a mess of it. I am studying for a BA in spanish at uni and I have found that immersing myself in Spanish music [perhaps more of the Concerto de Rodrigez type] for a few minutes before starting my studies really helps both sides of my brain to kick in.
I speak other languages and I find that the same technique works equally well - I literally drift off in my chair and let the beauty and often the sadness of the music take over. I should tell you that I am 80 this year so it is quite easy to sit in a chair and drift away!!![Joking] .If I am not boring you all too much, the other trick that helps me is to take down notes in the form of 'mind maps' as this engages both lobes by introducing both colour and statistics. Ojalá que paseis bien. Liz
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