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Originally Posted by ribeirasacra View Post
They are not French cars they are built in Vigo Galicia.
In which case the Citroen Berlingos sold in the UK are probably assembled in Vigo as well. So from that perspective it doesn't really matter whether someone buys them in the UK or Spain. The person who loses out is the Spanish dealer who, irrespective of where the cars are assembled, is representing a French car company and therefore should not be telling people to buy them from him in order to support the local economy. If he wants to compete then he needs to cut his prices.

Besides most technology products (such as cars) are made from bits sourced all over the world, the bits might be assembled in Spain but they might come from China, Germany, etc. So it is very hard to say where a car is built.

Originally Posted by ribeirasacra View Post
Agree with the sentiments about costs here in Spain.
Short story time!
The other day had two guys turn up to talk to us about changing electricity supply companies. There is a free market these days we was told. I suggested that it was not the case. They wanted to prove their point so we sat and talked for a while. Maybe they were right. It seems that the standing charge can vary between one company and the other. We could save ourselves a whole 50 cents per month if we changed. The rate at which the electric is charged per unit is controlled by the government. That I knew, for me there is not a free market at all.
I believe it's a similar story with the phone lines as well. Apparently they are all owned by Telefonica so all these "competing" ISPs such as Ya and Jazztel have to rent bandwidth from Telefonica, who ultimately have the market rigged in their favour. And please don't get me started on the banks and the property market
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