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Originally Posted by richardksa View Post
I am not sure quite what you mean by "questioning the separation between church and state". For me they are distinct. One is public and the other kept private. Apart from obvious moral guidelines, religion should have nothing to do with our secular societies.
I think that in times (not so?) long ago things were different (at least in europe). the kings of austria, germany, the kings of spain and france were all catholics. Not to mention the influence of the church on the people via its priests and their sermons. It has been a long struggle from inquisition, where church and state had the same rights, to nowadays situation.

however i am not shure whether religion and society can truly be seperated?? when you enter your office, nobody expects you to switch into "pure tecnocrat"-mode. i think as long as a religion exists, we won't be able to truly seperate. what frightens me more is when people of one side start bootlicking each other. when certians actions are forced by law, thats one point, but doing them voluntarily and in advance, thats something else!
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