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Default Thanksgiving Day USA

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all foreros americanos and otherwise!

My family is eagerly waiting for the 17.77 lb., free-range, organic turkey to be done. I threw it in the oven at 8 AM so it should be ready by 3 PM. Due to my success last year, this year I will make the gravy, using turkey drippings, sage, flour, water and maybe a touch of vino blanco.

My wife is making the organic stuffing. Our friend Linda is coming over to prepare the dressings and mashed potatoes and candied yams.

My oldest son will prepare the pumpkin pie.

My mom is bringing over the flan, again (I'm sure the pilgrims would find her flan agreeable, I know we do!).

We are getting ready to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, which comes on at 9AM. I have half an hour so perhaps I'll start a fire in the fireplace, so life is OK! Later will come the football games.

The Holiday shopping season will have officially begun, though it seems like it has already.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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