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Originally Posted by Maria S. View Post
My apologies.

I had to go back to your post and then I realized your post was from Nov 23, but 2006!!!! An oversight on my part. Yet it was good to know I was not totally losing it...

New York was great. The biggest and the most pleasant surprise were the New Yorkers themselves - they are so friendly and chatty!!! Some salesclerks in gift shops even remembered us: "Weren't you here yesterday?" And that in a big city like New York!

We stayed in Manhattan in a hotel on 32 Street (Korea town). The whole area had a village-like atmosphere to it and people were extremely kind.
We love New York.

That's because New Yorkers greatly appreciate EURO-peans in this tough economic climate. Nah, I'm just kidding. It's a myth that all New Yorkers are rude and unfriendly. In fact, considering that it is a city of 8 million people, the place is pretty friendly and neighborly.

There are neighborhoods in all five boroughs that are definitely more like small towns with a "village-like" atmosphere that you describe, where neighbors help neighbors, people sit out on the front stoop talking and laughing, the corner bar allows you to run a tab, the guy working behind the deli counter knows your favorite sandwich and starts making it the second he sees you arrive, people know which neighborhood mutt is the local terror, etc. Most tourists don't get to experience that aspect of the city since they are too busy trying to see the most popular tourist attractions, but that's great that you got a little taste of it.

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