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Originally Posted by Pippa View Post
The flavour.
In Spain it is very difficult to find fresh milk and it is very expensive. Is the summer also it goes off very quickly. In the place where I live, I have found it only in two places, luckily one of them being the corner shop, but they do not always have it . But the good news is that I have discovered that you can freeze it. The majority of milk in Spain is UHT.

Solomillo is fillet steak.
¿De verdad? Es increíble para mi pensar en una vida sin leche fresca. Soy de Wisconsin en los EEUU, que produce mucho leche y queso. Puedo comprar leche en todos los mercados; se puede comprar un galón de leche con contenido grasa 2% para, hmmm... $2 o un precio similar. Doy por sentado beber leche cada día. ¡Que interesante!
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