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Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
I always take then stairs when I can, too! Combination of mild claustrophobia and a fear of being stuck in an elevator in a fire. I was terrified of fires as a kid after my grandmother told me about the time her house burned down when she was a kid. Ever since, I've been a big fan of fire safety--I just gave my flatmates an 'in case of fire' talk yesterday!

I still get a little nervous at those Japanese steak houses where they have the big flames right at the table. On a field trip with my nursery school class when I was 4, I very calmly evacuated the restaurant when the cooking started, then cried in the lobby for the next 30 mins while my parents took turns sitting with me and waiting for all the food to be cooked...
In my opinion stairs are always the better option! Another good reason for them is that its good exercise too! hehe

My Uncle has the same fear. He is terrified of fire. His fear comes from when his best friend died in a fire. His friend and his family couldn't escape because they didn't have a fire exit window upstairs. (Those are the ones that open at the bottom)

What makes it worse is that my Uncle is a window fitter and so I think he blames himself a little bit because he knows that if they had wanted a fire exit window he would have been able to fit them one and probably saved their lives. Now he always makes sure that every house he does has a fire exit window. He is , understandably, terrified it will happen again.
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