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Originally Posted by Andy.G. View Post
I returned from Tenerife last night and whilst I was waiting near our departure gate to open ( I flew with easyjet) . Ryan Air passengers where about to board their plane to Glasgow, then one of the ryan air crew said that they was going to check everybodys hand luggage and if it did not fit into their check in guide ( which seemed some be smaller than easyjets) , they would have to put in the cargo hold and charge £35.00.
Would it not have been better to check the hand luggage at the same time as the suitcases when they first arrived thus avoiding any unecessary costs to the passengers?
If you are only carrying hand luggage, you don't go anywhere near the check in desks and so the first time you have to deal with the "helpful" staff is when you are actually at the gate.

Last time I flew Ryanair from Madrid to Palma, the girl got the measuring frame ready, only to see about 30 middleage Mallorquin ladies and their husbands with loads of shopping, arms folded, and looking ready for a fight!! She quietly put the frame away and we were all waved through....
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