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Default Report from Menorca

Hi folks. i'm sitting on my balcony after an evening of altogether too much wine. My girlfriend has gone to bed and i've been left here to ponder the world. I've come to the conclusion that it's not such a bad place

We arrived on Saturday night. the bus that was meant to take us to our 'allocation on arrival' hotel was too full to carry us. Lucky for us - there were four stops before we arrived at our hotel. A minibus was hired to take 6 of us to our hotel on the west of Menorca, near Ciutadella, the old capital. I didn't cath the woman's name, but she took us from east to west of the isla in a surprisingly short time. she was very stressed looking and I gave her a 3€ tip.

We arrived in time for dinner, which closed at 10. What a greeting, I thought. as I helped myself to some paella de vermicelli (!!). But it was very nice. I was surprised by the clientelle in the hotel restaurant, mostly Spanish or Italian. This is not what I'm used to when I think of a package holiday! I assured myself that this was to do with the time of day. The Spanish eat later and the English had their dinner at 5pm...

The next morning I found that this was not so. In fact there was barely an English speaker to be found, save the receptionists. I was delighted to find that most of the residents were Spanish. Great, Then they won't accept any crap We pretty much spent the day lazing around - fair enough given the story I can't be bothered to type out on my mobile phone.

So today, we got up and had breakfast. We then went to swim a la playa, a small cala full of, but not overcrowded with, holidaymakers. I wanted to leave, but was persuaded to stay by my girlfriend, and i'm now quite burnt. My usual strategy is to hide from the sun.

At about 4.30 we decided to get some lunch - dinner is served until about 10.30pm. We went to a restaurante overlooking the cala called the Miramar. We went in looking forward to some nice fishy dishes and ended up ordering lasaña and espaguetis. My lasaña was cold and I was concerned about my girlfriend's spaghetti. It was full of prawns and other random seafood. I called the waiter.

''sta fria' I said.
'si, fria.'

I allowed him to take it away while my girlfriend chewed on her prawny spaghetti. I waited. Nada. I waited some more, and still nada. My girlfriend finished her meal before I had really started mine. And NOW he decided to return with my reheated lasaña. How tempting.

'No lo quiero' I said.

I was greeted by Menorquín rambling. I assumed he was just confirming that no, I did not want the reheated lasagne. And I'm pretty sure he told us to **************** off.

Lovely, I thought. Our first venture outside the hotel for a meal and we've been told where to go. In my typical Scottish manner, I shouted after the fleeing waiter that I would pay for the spaghetti, but I was greeted with a Parisian shrug. Fine, crap food, but at least I got a free beer from you

I was not impressed with the food, but he could have been nicer about it. At least, I thought. we'll not be taken for mugs

in whole though, I have found the people here (both the staff and holidaymakers) to be very friendly and helpful. But if you don't speak Spanish it is difficult to get what you want.

It's more of a rambling than a post, but I hope it's useful/enjoyable. I'll try to post tomorrow if I can persuade the reception staff to allow me to charge my phone!

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