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Originally Posted by Oksie View Post

Aqui está mi contribución a este foro - algunas frases que me han enseñado mis queridos amigos españoles :-)

Tirar los tejos - to flirt
porquería - nonsense Porquería might have that meaning in a figurative sense, but the real meaning is dirt, garbage, filth, grime... It can also refer to things that do not work properly or are of low quality.
Llegó a mis oidos que ... - I have heard that
cachondearse de alguien - to make fun of somebody
irse de picos pardos - to be out on the town (usually having fun with people of the opposite sex)
hacer trampa - to cheat
ir de chiringos - to go out drinking I have never heard this one
empinar el codo - to have a few drinks Personally, I have always heard this one applied to people who have quite more than just a few drinks, i.e. alcoholics.
beber como una esponja - to drink like a fish
estar viviente y coleante - to be alive and kicking The right expression would be "Estar vivo y coleando". You may have heard as well "vivito y coleando".
dar la paliza a alguien - to hassle somebody
pegarse un madrugón - to get up early
entre pictos y flautas – meanwhile
tener un enchufe – to have connections (work)
costar un ojo de la cara – to cost an arm, a leg and a fortune
Llevo una racha que no paro – I have been really busy
un pez gordo – a big shot
no tener más remedio – not to have a choice
el quinto pino – very far away

Espero que sean útiles (y corrijelas si haya errores)

Un saludo,


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hacer zapping = channel-surfing on tv
ileso(adj.) = unhurt
cabeza de turco = scapegoat
goloso(adj.) = sweet toothed
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