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Default Travelling in Spain with an expired Visa

Has anyone had any experiences traveling within Spain or from Spain with an expired visa. My tourist visa ends in 4 days and going home(U.S) for the holidays is out of the question with the price of airline tickets.
I'd like to do a little traveling in the mean time. I feel fine getting a on a bus or a train, even though they take your passport number. But how it would be flying from Spain to Portugal? Is it significant the amount of days a visa is expired. I know I'll have to truly face the music when I leave Spain, but for the mean time, I'd like to enjoy myself. Thanks.
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Default how'd it go?

Hi Chameleon, I'm about to do the same thing, and I was wondering how it went for you...
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I heard of someone who flew to Mallorca on an expired visa. Upon checking in to return to the peninsula, the airline denied him entry and for some reason, made him buy a new one-way ticket. But at least he was able to return.
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