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Talking English-speaker seeking Spanish-speaker: Intercambio~!

I would love to find a Spaniard to help me with my Spanish, because English is my first language and I only have a high school education in Spanish (as well as some very bad Spanish slang!) I hear that Castellano is very different from the Spanish they speak in Mexico and want to learn more about life in Spain as well (like, what kind of jokes do you guys tell?). It's my dream to move there some day, or at least visit! I can do instant messaging on MSN, AIM, and YIM, but what I would like most is to try out this new Skype program. (*v*)

Ah, right, and here's a little more about me:

I live in the United States (the melting pot of the world!), in the sunshine state of California. It's so hot here all the time! But I guess it's even hotter across the Atlantic Ocean, isn't it? Haha~ I'm very interested in foreign literature as well as my own, so if I could become proficient enough in Spanish to read "El Camino" without struggling, that would make me the happiest person in the world. So if you like books, I'm your man! (>v<)

(But if you wanted to talk about food, too, I'd be pleased to discuss the differences between paella and arroz rojo, yum~!)
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Nice post!

BTW, I like books :-)
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Thank you!

Oh, really? What kind of books do you like to read: mystery, adventure, fantasy~? (OuO)
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Learn REAL Spanish now!

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