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Originally Posted by Ramses View Post
Hm, I posted this before, but now my post disappeared.

But you mean the Critical Period Hypothesis? Yes, because it has been proven (by people like dr. Marvin Brown and prof. Stephen D. Krashen) that it just doesn't work that way.

There are enough people that learned like kids but were adults that became fluent at 'difficult' languages like Chinese and Japanese, while the 'grammar crammers' and word list learners never reach that level.
That is not Chomsky's work. He was responsible for the universal grammar and generative grammar theories which revolutionized linguistic development as his work on innate language challenged BF Skinner's work on operant conditioning and consequently launched the cognitive psychology revolution. Chomsky's theories remain unsuccessfully challenged. Chomsky proved that a fetus responds specifically to spoken word in its mother's language.
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Originally Posted by rickysimth View Post
But most of the people living outside Spain will not get such an opportunity. In such cases you have to look for other easy ways to learn Rocket Spanish language.

Thinly disguised spam.

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