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Originally Posted by xan View Post
Mightykaboosh, you might as well just pipe down with the misplaced certainty
No misplaced certainty to speak of, correct me if I'm wrong but I can't actually remember saying Juanjo was WRONG!

My point was pretty clear, anyone learning a language can do without "muddying the waters" with outdated, text specific examples of usage. Furthermore you might be "sure, as an impartial observer, that it is not uncommon" but you would be wrong. I can quite categorically state that during the course of a year I will hear the now infamous words "an h" uttered precisely hmmmmmm now let me think.......still thinking.......NEVER!

I'm not prepared to comment further on this subject, my gripe was about frequency of usage. If you want to chime in with chaucerian english to prove a point, go ahead. What I will say is that someone with a basic level, that has just learnt about an apple, or a car is really going to benefit from sentence construction including an house.

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Whilst we are on the subject of 'h' has anyone else noticed the modern day tendency to pronounce the letter as 'haitch' There has only ever been one h in the word, and it's not at the beginning. Very strange habit.
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Old 1st December 2009, 10:21 PM   #23
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I started reading this thread a couple of days ago about the use of "an" infront of words beginning with the letter "h". I thought, "No one says that!". I did agree with "an herb" though, since those of us from the US pronounce herb with a silent h.

But then last night, on the Nightly News program (pretty sure it was NBC), the reporter said "an historic event". I couldn't believe it! I used the DVR feature to rewind and pause, and then asked my sister to fill in the blank..."It was such ______ historic event..." Of course her answer was what I expected: "a". When I played it for her, she was surprised too! I told her about this thread in the forum. (She thought I was quite the grammar nerd at that point!)

So, I guess it IS used, even here in the US! Crazy!
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Garry Knight
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It might have been a error...
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Originally Posted by Garry Knight View Post
It might have been a error...
..... or perhaps NBC is as "Chaucerian" as today's BBC, National Health Service and British Medical Council have been alleged to be?
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