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Default 2 BR flat available in Madrid


I'm really sorry if this is against the rules or in the wrong place, but I didn't know where else to put it!

My flatmate and I are leaving the country -- he's leaving end of September and me on Oct. 5. Our landlord was nice enough to let us stay a few weeks past the end of our contract, so in exchange we'd like to help him find *responsible* people to take over the flat. We'd definitely need to stay through the end of September, but if somebody wants to take over on Oct. 1, I can go stay with a friend until I leave.

I'll be totally honest. Here are the pros and cons of the place:

-- great landlord, very responsive
-- good for your Spanish -- the landlord doesn't speak English and neither do the neighbors
-- NO AVAL, only one month's deposit, and you can put a clause in the rental contract giving you the option to leave at any time with one month's notice
-- rent is fairly cheap -- a 2BR for about 690 (I think that's what he's going to charge)
-- easy transportation -- located in Legazpi, with the metro lines 3 and 6 less than a 1 minute walk away -- line 3 goes to sol, which will soon have cercanias -- also a million buses to retiro, la latina, plaza mayor, up the castellana, etc.
-- internet-ready -- i'm cancelling my telefonica account, but all is wired up, and i can leave the wireless box for the next tenant (but you'd have to set up the actual account)
--place is furnished, including a tv; queen-sized bed in one room is new (just a few months old), smaller bedroom has full-sized bed; and there's a futon/sofa in the main room
-- good water pressure and hot water in the shower -- only downside is the shower itself is kind of small
-- bedrooms recently repainted and each has a large armoire

-- the neighbors can be noisy -- the girl who lives upstairs tends to stay up late, though she's not nearly as noisy as she used to be -- some of the other neighbors in the adjacent buildings (we share the inner patio) love to talk and sing loudly, and there are a few noisy kids and babies as well -- however, if you're working, you won't be home and won't even know any of this
-- there are a couple of bars on the street below, and the patrons use a garage that is almost directly below the flat (though the flat is 2nd floor) - the bar is open EVERY night, and these guys come and go at all hours and can be VERY loud -- in the winter, when the windows are closed, it's not an issue -- but when the windows are open, it can be difficult to sleep unless you are a heavy sleeper or use earplugs
-- no heat, but there is one of those funky gas heaters that runs off of an orange bombona
-- kitchen is small, with just two hobs and no oven -- maybe not an issue for some, but we hated not having an oven!
-- not a whole lot going on in the neighborhood, though things are improving now that they've spruced up the matadero -- there are often shows going on there -- anyways with the buses and trains you've got a direct connection to almost anywhere

If anybody wants to know more or get photos or talk to the landlord, let me know... I'd love to help him out, as his wife just had a baby, and he'd rather not deal with the hassle of showing the place! To sum up, it's not a spectacular place, but it's cheap, connected to everything, good for your Spanish, and hassle-free...

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Your post actually makes quite a good "social profile of Madrid life today"
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I have taken the liberty of forwarding the link on to a lady who is moving to Madrid at the beginning of Oct and is looking for just what you describe.
Ben, maybe you need a "classifieds" section.
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perfect -- thanks! in the meantime, i'll keep looking, but please tell her to feel free to contact me via here to get more info or talk to the landlord.
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Default Pictures of flat

Hi again everyone,

I've posted pictures of the flat. Click here to see the pics.

We've taken everything down from the walls, and the main room's in a state of disarray right now as we're in the process of moving. But it will at least give you an idea of the size.

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