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Default Notes in Spanish Intermediate 45 – Vacaciones en España

Listen and pick up the worksheet here

What’s the best way to travel round Spain in Summer? Where should you sleep, what towns should you visit?

¿Se te ocurre algún consejo más para darle a Tanja? ¿Qué te parece la posibilidad de recorrer España en tren? ¿Qué ciudades te gustaría visitar en España?
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Default Seven Days in May

My wife and I are headed to Morocco to visit our son (well, her son, my stepson) who's been studying in Rabat this semester. We're giving ourselves two weeks off, but he won't be available until the second week! So we find ourselves with a week to visit somewhere else. What could be better than Spain? Clara que nada.

However, we: (1) don't want to spend a fortune, and (2) don't want to be spending all that much time traveling around from place to place. So we would like to either just stay in one city, and make side trips from there, or maybe see just two cities.

We've heard many people say Barcelona is the best! Our travel agent noted that Madrid and Barcelona are the most expensive, and we ought to consider Sevilla. Maybe we should do Madrid and Sevilla -- isn't there a very fast train between the two cities?

Anyway, I'm assuming that in mid-May, weather shouldn't be the determining factor, right? (It will be pretty nice everywhere, no?)

For first-time svisitor (who plan to return to Spain in the future), what might make a good week? Should we definitely see the Alhambra? I think it would be fascinating, but my initial googling suggested it would take a while to get to...

Any and all suggestions appreciated.



P.S. In case it matters, we're coming from the U.S.
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Do you intend flying from Spain to Morocco, or taking the ferry? If the ferry, it might be better to stay in the south, rather than say Barcelona, it´ll be a lot less travelling.
Yes there is the AVE, fast train, from Madrid to Sevilla.
Re the Alhambra, I´m a keen photographer, and have been 4 times, and would go again, but yes, certainly worth seeing. If you go, book well in advance, you can do it online. It´s very often well over subscribed, you don´t want to travel there and find you can´t get in.
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If I were you, i'd stay in Madrid 2 or 3 days, one or two to visit Madrid and another one to visit the surroundings: Ávila, Segovia and Toledo. Seville is a good idea too (and it's not because I was born there ) as there is the AVE (2 hours from Madrid). And there's AVE to Barcelona as well, so it'd be a good idea too.
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Ah, good question about the ferry. Is that something worth doing? Does the ride offer pretty views? Is the terrain getting to the ferry in Spain worth seeing? Is it easy to get from the Moroccan port to either Rabat or Casablanca (considering that I don't speak Arabic or French)?

All thoughts from those who have taken the ferry would be appreciated.
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gracias a Ben y Marina por un otra podcast bonito..

¡¡Vuelvo a este podcast porque voy a españa muy pronto!! pero, creo que estaré quedar en Valencia, y noto que no habláis sobre este lugar en todo?!? ¡que lastima! ¿que significa? ¿debería cambiar mis planes y viajar al otro sitio...? lol.. 'jus playin' creo que todo es bien, estoy seguro valencia es una sitio muy bonito tambien, en concreto, no puedo esperar que hacer una recorrido por la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Me parece este lugar será muy, muy interesante. Deseo que cuando llevo allí, tendré tiempo que visitar Madrid tambien, pero, si no.... en la proxima vez.

Para mi, estaré una viaje por me enseñaré mucho. Donde yo vivo, edificios con cientos años parece muy viejo. en concreto, mi pais tiene justo sobre un ciento y cuarenta años... ¡¡¡somos jovenes!!!

cuando yo regresar, espero tener muchas cuentas que compartir.

bon viaje a todos!
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