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Default Buenos Día!

Hola! Me llamo Melanie y acabo de unirme con estos foros aunque he estado al acecho (? lurking ?) por aquí hace un poco tiempo!
Soy de Inglaterra, en concreto, Yorkshire y hace veinte meses que estudio español. Tengo un pasión para aprender esta lengua, que lengua preciosa!
Encontré 'Notes in Spanish' un día cuándo buscaba ayuda por internet para aprenderme con mis estudias. Empecé a escuchar Ben y Marina al nivel principiante y ahora escucho mucho al intermediate y avanzado.
Phew! Vale, voy a estar un poca perezosa ahora y escribir en inglés!
I'd say that I'm probably more upper intermediate level and my strongest points are the grammer side and listening (gracias a Ben y Marina) but I have very little confidence with my spoken (as I don't have much opportunity to practise) and would like to strengthen my writting skills (particulary vocab).
I have to say that I feel very lucky to have found 'Notes in Spanish'. I feel I am at least able to absorbe myself in the Spanish world with them.
I have the intermediate and advanced worksheets. Prior to obtaining them, I felt pretty happy with what I could understand. As Ben has said previously, just understanding the general gist of the conversation is a good start. However, these worksheets, I've found, are totally invaluable to me. I realise, when reading them, that some of what I've missed are everyday, often used, phrases repeated quite a lot in the other podcasts. Thereby, each time I listen and follow the sheets it strengthens my understanding immensly.
Thanks Ben and Marina - housework, ironing etc had never been so interesting before I found your podcasts!

I think maybe an intercambio might be good for me, any suggestions where best to find one?

Nice 'meeting' you all!

ps: please feel free to correct me!
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Hola, hablo por skype a otra gente en los paises que hablan espanol. Por favor mira aquí es facil te prometo. escribe un mensaje y la gente te responderá. Es rapido y fácil
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Hola Marcy,

Gracias por el link (no sé como decirle en español) para Skype. Me inscribo hace dos minutos. Espero tener conversaciones con gente en español !
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the link = el enlace
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Originally Posted by ceylon View Post
I think maybe an intercambio might be good for me, any suggestions where best to find one?
I'd recommend using It's really user friendly and you can talk to people instantly via busuu's in house chat window (similar to msn messanger) or via busuu video, similar to skype.

The good thing about busuu is that you find people to practice with who are at a level similar to yourself. By reviewing the written exercises of prospective intercambios you can find people to stimulate your learning......

It's excellent for practicing and it's FREE!

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