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Default How does cooling/heating "por conductos" work?

Hello all. I'm looking at some apartment adverts and I'm interested to hear opinions how does cooling/heating "por conductos" work? I know the principle, but I guess the temperature level needs to be the same for all apartments in the building. So it would be controlled centrally.
What if the cooling in summer is not enough for me, or heating in winter? Can you talk to someone and have that changed or most probably you will get a reply that it's OK for the rest of the building so it will have to be OK for you too.
I have never lived in an apartment with such central heating/cooling so I'm interested what people think and what have experienced. Is the cooling and heating set to some "standard" values? Is it OK for you, generally speaking?
Thanks in advance.
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It may just mean they have put the air ducts for air conditioning in the flats. You then add the expensive bits! "Pre-installado" or similar may appear in the advert. Lately they have been adding allsorts to them to sell them so you may be in luck and get a working system.
If that's the case you would have individual controls. I've got it fitted on two floors and have not been overjoyed with the results. One air con per room may have been a better option.
The heating bit works less well the colder it gets as well, so it's not much more than background heat some days, and also seems to cycle from heating to "pre-heat" during which no hot air comes out.
I'm no ac engineer though so may just have been unlucky
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In this case it is a furnished flat for rent. So I assume the system is fully functional. I plan to ask the agent for details too but I was trying not to depend on the agent only.
So I was just wondering if this type of heating (more important than cooling) is working well. I don't mind having to heat additionally a bit, as long as it doesn't turn out you have no heating from the air ducts at all.
Having said that, I currently rent apartment with no heating at all in a country with much colder climate than Spain.
But I want to make an informed decision before signing a rental contract.
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