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Default Credit card interest rates?

Is it just my limited Spanish or the banks here do not publicly display the interest rates on the credit card products? You would think that would be the first thing the customer wants to know.
I understand enough Spanish to browse the websites of few banks but for any I can't find that information. Only the annual charge for having the card (usually free the first year especially if applying online).
But applying online is exactly when you need to know how much you will be charged later.
Except for going to the bank in person, can you find this information anywhere? Am I just looking at the wrong place? How do you compare cards/products if this sort of important information is hidden? Or the Spanish are not used to compare for the best deal? No offense intended, this is really ridiculous not to advertise the rates.
For example, La Caixa and SabadellAtlantico cards, any direct links anyone can give?

Thanks in advance.
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Peino canas
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I just had a quick look and you're quite right that some of the banks don't advertise the APR/TAE very openly but it is there with a bit of digging.

Generally go to the tarjetas section and then search on TAE or comisiones.

A Google search on TAE tarjetas de credito brought up lots of comparitive lists
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