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Default sound proofing a computer

Anyone have any experience making their PC less noisy?

I have a Dell Optiplex GX620.

Its a nice looking compact desktop machine, but its driving me crazy with the noise, especially now I'm working in a room with a wood floor.

The fan seems to go crazy even with no programmes operating.

I've had a look inside the box and there is hardly any room to put that sound proofing foam stuff. I'm thinking a sound proof cover or box to place it in would be the best option. anyone know of one?


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I have a new-ish compact Dell, and the fan is working extremely hard at the moment with the heat down here. I seem to remember from Dell users' forums etc, that noisy fans are a fairly common complaint amongst the owners of recent Dell compacts. At the moment I can hear the fan on the floors above or below my office where the computer is, and if I watch a video on YouTube I have to turn the volume on the video up to hear it over the noise of the fan!

However, personally I wouldn't do anything that impedes the free flow of air within or around the computer. My previous computer had endemic ventilation problems resulting in the video card overheating and needing to be replaced on two separate occasions, once taking the operating system down with it. A noisy fan is a good thing in that it is better than the alternative, an ineffective one. Personally I think it's just something you have to put up with at this time of year.

If you think it's working harder than necessary when it's idle you may just want to check there are no programs running in the background that don't need to be (by using ctrl+alt+del).
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Fans aren't the only way to cool a computer. You can get heat sinks and even fluid cooling systems. I think a heat sink the easiest to fit providing your case is large enough to accommodate it. (No, I haven't got a clue how to go about it)
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Originally Posted by rod View Post
At the moment I can hear the fan on the floors above or below my office where the computer is, ....
Home office I presume - not "workin for the man" again I hope!!
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The problem is that Dell uses extremely cheap and extremely low quality parts but market their product to you as something of at least basic quality. This makes Michael Dell very very rich... and the customer... none the wiser as they go crawling back to him begging for another low quality system after a couple of years. "But they've always worked fine for me", they say, not having experienced anything better.

What can you do about the noise? Find out what size the motherboard is and buy a suitable high-quality low-noise case, with fan/PSU at your local computer fair. Unscrew the Dell's innards and fit them into the good case with the ultra-silent PSU, good airflow and sound proofing.
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Default This is what you need...

or this.
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