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Default disfrutar con, disfrutar de, disfrutar..

I have never really understood how to use disfrutar. Sometimes it is followed by de and sometimes not. Now today I have read disfrutar CON... Think I need some help...!
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"Disfrutar" is a strange, nasty verb, the differences of each usage are quite subtle, and I'm not sure if they are worth the trouble of understanding them.
Lets say the general rule is:
"Disfrutar"+"de algo"+"con alguien o algo"
but the "de" and/or the "con" parts are optional.
So, you may say:
  1. "Disfruto de la vida con las cosas sencillas"
  2. "Disfruto de la vida"
  3. "Disfruto con las cosas sencillas"
  4. "Disfruto de las cosas sencillas", and even:
  5. "Disfruto con la vida"
3. and 4. mean basically the same.
2. and 5. would also mean the same but 5. is probably less common (I'm not sure why).
It gets better, those usages, treat the verb as intransitive (no direct object), but you can transform the "de" parts into an object, and then turn the verb into transitive:
  1. "Disfruto la vida con las cosas sencillas" or simply
  2. "Disfruto la vida".
There is no change of meaning in this transformation, as far as I know.

You can't "disfrutar de alguien", at least in a polite way. Instead you "disfrutas con alguien".
I would say this is similar to "reirse de alguien" and "reirse con alguien"

And finally, remember that "disfrutar" has two meanings:
  1. "Sentir placer" (more or less) -> "Disfrutar de la vida"
  2. "Tener un derecho, una prerrogativa" -> "Disfrutar una beca", "Disfrutar de el derecho a votar".
I would say that the second meaning doesn't accept "disfrutar con" and is used more commonly as a transitive verb.

I understand why you are confused
I hope a wrote something clear enough.
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