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SASa du 63
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Smile Usted en Francia jeje

Hello, I'm Benoit from France.

I was looking for a podcast to improve my spanish and I found your's. It is very interesting, it is perfect for me (english and spain). But ! but but but we are not "bastante pijos" (-usted y las propinas-): I think it is the same thing in France as in Spain. It is a question of education and respect... except in Toulouse where people are so strange!! (I don't love the rugby team, they are too strong: "allez l'ASM" !).

It is also the same thing for "las propinas" as in Spain. But I'm a poor small student and I don't give any "propina" !

Muchas gracias y cuidado, les superviso jeje... hasta pronto !!

NB: désolé pour mon anglais désastreux
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Hero Forero
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Originally Posted by SASa du 63
But ! but but but we are not "bastante pijos"
Je suis desole Benoit, it was seulement un petit joke!

(Hace 7 años hablaba muy bien Frances, ahora se me ha olvidado todo!)
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