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Arrow Notes in Spanish NEWS! Please read!

Hola a [email protected],

This is a copy of the newsletter we have sent out today, apologies if you end up seeing this in your inbox as well!

At last the Intermediate podcasts are back!

Sorry for the delay, but we really hope you enjoy the new podcasts that we will be releasing in the coming weeks. The Advanced podcasts should be back in a fortnight or so, as well as the next round of Inspired Beginners.

We have quite a bit of extra news as well:


Worksheets for all our podcasts will now be sold in batches. For example, you can now purchase a pack of 5 Intermediate worksheets that covers all of the Intermediate podcasts that will be released from today onwards, for the next 5 weeks (32 to 36). Unfortunately we can no longer sell individual worksheets on a per episode basis, for the same reasons we mentioned at the beginning of the summer - Paypal commissions and accountancy costs make it impossible to sell so many sinlge items in our store.

Worksheets, EU customers and VAT

To comply with Spanish law, European Union Customers will be charged 16% VAT on worksheet packs from now on. We apologise for this added cost but it really is the law and there is no escaping it! Existing store customers (those who already have a log in and password), please update your Country info when prompted during the check out process (when you get the chance to update your invoice details) to help us stay legal!! Many thanks! This does not affect those living in the USA or other non-EU countries.


Do you Facebook?! Today's new Intermediate podcast gives a great introduction to the whole Facebook world for the uninitiated. For those of you in the know, or who sign up soon, why not add our 'Phrase of the Day' application to your profile page? These are some of our favourite phrases from the real Spanish we hear every day - - hopefully they will help you to sound more and more Spanish all the time!

As an example, here is today's phrase:

Nos hemos ventilado el jamón

We've finished off all the ham. In fact you can 'ventilate' (polish off!) any kind of food - e.g. el queso... el pan...


Finally, why not join our Notes in Spanish listeners group, or befriend Ben and Marina?

Notes in Spanish TV!

As requested our video blogs can now be added to your list of podcasts on iTunes, so that every new episode comes straight onto your computer, and from there, if you like, onto your video iPod. You can subscribe to our feed from within the iTunes directory, or via our RSS feed:

Well that's all for now, sorry to hit you with so much info but it has been a busy week or two!

Saludos from Madrid!

Ben y Marina

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