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Default Immerse yourself in the culture at home

I found that the best way to stay motivated to learn is to really immerse myself in the language.
I cook spanish food at home when i can and listen to spanish tv or radio when its on. Not alot of access that in Australia, but is in the mornings.
Found that it helps me think Spanish and feel at ease. Keeping interested is the key, its not just about learning words, but learning the culture too
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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
I think the phone is the biggest barrier of all, so don't worry, you are not alone! Why is it so much harder to speak to someone on the phone in another language than it is in person?
That's because we also lip-read when we talk to someone. Especially when we talk with somebody using a foreign language, we tend to read the lips to help us understand what they are saying. We cant do lip-reading over the phone, which makes it difficult talking to someone using a language we just learned, especially when they are talking really fast.
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You also can't distinguish well between some of the consonants over the phone, which impedes your understanding. We can cope with this problem better in our native tongue because we can guess what they are probably saying a lot more accurately, but try that with unfamiliar vocabulary and it's suddenly no picnic.
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Default thanks

What you listed are comprehensive and useful ,i will try to use them ,thanks .
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Default The key

The key for learning spanish is not to focus on details, is to learn the whole meaning of the expressions.

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Originally Posted by Nic View Post
Twelve: Remember that you learn through mistakes...

You cannot let mistakes get to you. Everyone makes them! Its what makes you human. This is something you have to take on board when learning a language. So what if you said 'polla' when you meant 'pollo'?

People forgive and forget. Mistakes are how we learn. Just laugh about it and move on...
agree with you, if we make the mistakes and then correct them we will remember about the correct variant next time. it is my personal experience also.
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