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Originally Posted by pjasso View Post
Done!! I can't rave about your podcasts and video podcast enough! I was glad to give it a 5-STAR review!
Originally Posted by GabrielDeManila View Post
I'm currently going through the NIS IB podcast and so far, I found it really great! Gave it 5 stars on iTunes Australia. Keep up the great work.
Thanks guys!!
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Default Podcasts?

I'm new to this forum. Could someone point me the right direction as to what these podcasts are called? Are they easy to find? What level are they at?

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Hola Ben y Marina,

Estoy novata con Notes in Spanish Intermediate. Había encontrado los podcasts en el red y empiezo a escucharlos sin comprar los transcripcións. Me les gustan mucho. Después de escuchar solamente, tomé la decision de comprar los transcriptións y los ejercicios. Estoy un poco decepcionada con los ejercicios. No hay muchos, y no están muy útiles.

Acabé de escuchar el podcast sobre el timo de Ben en Bangkok. Me disfrute de este cuenta por que mi esposa es joyero y compra piedras preciosas con frecuencia. Cuando el estaba joven y empiezo a comprar piedras el tenia experiencias parecidas.

Esta podcast fue especialmente útil también, por que Ben uso el pretorito del verbo en toda la cuenta así que pudo enfocarme en esto mientras escuché.

I have to switch to English, this is getting exhausting ! So, I have a suggestion for an exercise that might be helpful to others. It would be for me. In addition to supplying the transcript of the conversation you could create a cloze exercise. Are you familiar with this teaching strategy ? To create a cloze you leave out key words from a text. The student must supply the missing words. For example, in the case of Ben's Timo, you could omit all the preterite verbs so we students could fill in the blanks, then check our work against the full transcript. You could do the same for prepositions or nouns relating to the theme.

I hope you aren't offended. I enjoy your podcasts but I think your exercises fall a bit short. This would be one way to improve them.

Thanks for everything. I've been getting into the forum a bit and that's been fun too.

Keep up the good work,

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Learn REAL Spanish now!

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