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Default What features do you want in a language learning aid program?


I've looked all over the net for a good vocab learning tool / flashcard tool, etc., and never found anything that suited my needs. I'm ALSO a computer science major and have been kicking some ideas around for a good program to help motivated people like us with our learning!

I want your input on this - what sort of features would YOU (the independent motivated student) want from a language learning aid program?
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Default Flexibility

Excel gives me almost all I need:-
1. Audio
2. Flexibility to interchange questions and answers.
3. Easy control over the data in any quiz session.
4. Randomisation.
5. Can be used with left-right langauges.
6. I can keep a record of my progress

Audio worked fine in Office 2000. With Excel 2007 and Vista I get *&!*% warnings and so to listen to an audio file I have to click twice in different places on the screen. Sound files should play without pesky warnings (or changing focus from the main screen)

What is needed is a mini-Excel with a better interface. People who have used Excel get on well with my system. Everyone else panics.

I am working on another project and I would welcome help from a programmer. There is nothing around which TEACHES illiterates to read. Existing resources only drill or test material taught by a teacher, and all resources require considerable literacy to use their interfaces. My system, which still needs a snappy name, requires students to know how to insert a CD, click on audio icons, and scroll. Every line of instruction has its own audio links. It is tedious, but easy for teachers to substitute audio in their own accent for my London accent. It is also possible to add audio translations in other languages, so my system can be used to teach reading to those with little or no English. The system could actually be used to teach any language via any other language.

My material will be distributed freely to those who need it, using cleaned up computers which would otherwise be dumped.

In a couple of weeks time my web site will have more details about this scheme and I would welcome help and suggestions from everyone. Don't go there at the moment - I haven't yet uploaded details of this project.

At the moment student material will be in HTML. I thought it would be easy to get an HTML file to autorun when the CD is inserted, but apparently it is not straightforward. Can you help me with this? I want to include phonetic symbols in my material. Would I need to ensure that the fonts are preloaded onto the computers, or is there a better way?
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