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Default The most expensive train journey in Spain

According to an article in today’s online edition of the …

“The most famous luxury train in Spain is El Transcantábrico. It has been chugging through the Cantabrian Mountains and following the Galician coast for more than 20 years. With itineraries of eight days and cabins with double beds, it costs nearly £2,500 a person. Now, if you fancy a similar experience but don't have the time or budget, a sister train, the new El Expreso de la Robla, will take you on a shorter journey for a fraction of the price, following a section of the same route, albeit in less comfort.”

To view the full online article go to …

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Very nice, thank you! I would actually be interested in taking the shorter of the 2 next year...not sure I could stand being on a train for 8 days, but could do it for a few for sure!
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Default A quick, beautiful journey

If you want to take a quick, but beautiful train ride, there are several you might try.

Last time I was in Santiago, I wanted to take the train to visit my friend in Sahagun. I asked the attendant, "Where do I stand to catch the train to Sahagun?" She told me where to stand, and I waited for the train, which was to arrive in 10 minutes.

In 8 minutes, a train pulled on and I got onto it. As it pulled out of the station, I realized, in horror, that I was on the WRONG train! ::laughing::

Oh well! Such is the life of a pilgrim!

I decided to just take the ride, and fix it when I arrived in VIGO -- the opposite direction of where I was going.

Once in Vigo, I went to the Customer Service desk. The man there was very kind and said many tourists make this same mistake.

In Spain, the trains are ON TIME!
If a train arrives 2 minutes early, it's probably not your train!

Sooo.. he gave me a free pass to Sahagun from Vigo and I took the train out later that day. The ride was SPECTACULAR. It went through Galicia and over the mountains. It was the most beautiful ride I've ever taken.

I've also taken the train from Madrid to Sevilla and it is also a wonderful ride. It is what inspired me to walk the Camino Santiago to begin with!

The buses in Spain are less expensive than the train, so if you're on a budget, you can ride from one point to another quite inexpensively. The buses are beautiful for sightseeing, with HUGE windows. And they are very clean, unlike America's doggie "Greyhounds!"

The amount of money you are talking about is HUGE to me!
I spent 3 MONTHS in Spain and spent less than $3,000 American, walking the Camino.

But I guess if you are rico....
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