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Default Que bien! vs. que bueno!

Any grammar usage gurus out there who would like to weigh in on the uses (or abuses) of these two expressions...and how they are correctly used.

IS there any real difference between the two? ...of course,

I understand that bien is an adverb (as well as a masculine noun) and bueno(a) is an adjective.

Could it be that the expressions actually are shortened forms of saying something (about a verb or action, using Que bien! AND about a noun or event using Que bueno!) with the other words in the sentence or exclamation not actually said or voiced?

In these cases, the listener would know what was being left out: e.g.,

Que bien (preparado la cena, o similar)

Que bueno (that you are going on a trip around the world, won the lottery, etc).

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Hola. I'm not a native speaker (¡para nada!) nor a Spanish grammar guru, but I've been told that if you just want to say "That's great!" as an exclamation by itself, you can use either one. "Hey, I passed the exam!" Response can be either "¡Qué bueno!" or "¡Qué bien!" But if you're referring to some specific "cosa" (e.g., la comida, el concierto), you'd use Qué bueno, because, as you said in your message, "bueno" is an adjective and it modifies nouns. But if you're talking about an action (how well someone sings, plays futbol, etc.), you'd say Qué bien (¡Qué bien él canta!), since bien is an adverb and modifies verbs.

I hope that helps.
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