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Default New Spanish Spelling Rules

The 22 Academies of the Spanish Language have just released a new edition of the Spelling Rules of the Spanish Languages. There are no substantial changes, but some minor considerations to keep into account for advanced learners:

* The Academies confirm the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet (ll and ch are no longer letters since 1999), but the "y" letter is now called "ye" instead of "y griega". The denominations " be larga" and "be corta" for "b" and "v" - common in America - disappear.

* Words like 'guión' and 'truhán' will no longer have a tilde.

* The adverb 'solo' and the demonstrative pronouns will no longer require a tilde even in ambiguous cases. The use of tilde in these words becomes optional.

* Absurdly in my opinion, the Academicians have decided to substitute the "q" letter in words like Iraq, Qatar or quórum by either "c" or "k" - Irak, Catar (sic) or cuórum (sic) are now the correct forms. At least, they leave us the option to use the original Latin form quorum as a Barbarism - in italics and with no tilde.

* The prefix "ex" will be attached to the word (not hyphenated) - exmarido, expresidente -, except when it modifies composed nouns. In such case it will appear as a detached word: ex capitán general.

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