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Default Moving back to Spain... but where?

Hey everyone!
I just spent the past year living (and studying) in Alicante, and it was *amazing*. I loved every moment and have been looking at programs that will get me back to Spain as soon as possible.

I'm wondering where you think are some of the best places to live (and work/ study) in Spain. I'm not really picky, and I see this all as a huge learning experience. My only major requirement is safety.

I would definitely go back to Alicante, but I'm curious about other areas. I'm really interested in going somewhere in the north... or the south. And I LOVE Madrid. Any ideas you have, just spout 'em off- I'd love to hear them!
I'm also comfortable with the idea of having to learn a new language, if that makes a difference?

Also, does anyone have experience with the process of applying to and/or attending a university in Spain for a Masters/post-grad program as an international student? Is it painfully expensive?
I'm looking in to the Masters of Anthropology & Ethnography program at the University of Barcelona. I wouldn't apply for an other year or two or three, but this program is screaming my name and would like to know what I could be in for in terms of logistics.

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Probably best to start off in Madrid as that's where you're most likely to find work, and it's central. You can use it as a base to explore the rest of Spain and, if you find somewhere else you really like, you can move there.
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The whole question of how to go about applying to be an International Student at a University in Spain begins with knowing what your nationality is.
- I also 'assume' that you are looking at a taking the whole of your chosen course here in Spain as opposed to coming to study here as a Foreign Exchange Student. If that IS the case I have attached a couple of links to articles that you may find of interest to you ....

Applying to Study for Uni in Spain -

Applying for a Student Visa for Spain -
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Thanks to both of you!

Tumbit, I'm Canadian, and yes, I would do the entire program at the university in Spain, and not just go as an exchange student for a year. I went through the process of obtaining a student visa last year, so at least I have that figured out, but I know applying for a post-grad program at a Spanish university is much different than applying to a domestic university for undergrad and essentially doing a year at a satellite campus that just happens to be in Spain. I'm going to read over the links you posted- thank you!
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