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Default Finding cheap flats during summer months

I am a student from the United States with a girlfriend who currently resides in Scotland (she has a passport from Hungary), and we would like to spend from about mid-May to mid-August in Spain. I would prefer to stay in Madrid, but other cities would be fine (I very much liked Valencia when I went there this summer).

I am wondering where to start looking for flats and what kind of living situation I should expect for any given amount of money. Obviously, we would like to be able to share a flat alone, but share with another group/person, that would be acceptable as well.

Any help from los foreros?
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You could try Loquo and email some people offering flats there.

I stayed in Sevilla for a month about 2 years ago and did just this to find a flat. It may be different depending on the region, plus this was 2 years ago, but cost me €300 for the month, which wasn't too bad.
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On previous occasions I've had to stay in Madrid for a month or two and used this agency (It used to be run by an American guy who I found very trustworthy)
It's primarily for shared apartments. There are also English language publications you can pick up in language schools. Irish pubs, bookstores etc in Madrid that have classified adverts for accommodation. I'm sure there will be places available for a summer slot (a lot of expat workers like English teachers head away in the summer, either back to the UK or to the beach). The difficulty will be in making contact with whoever's in charge of the letting. One solution may be to book a hostal (note this is not a hostel, rather an economical version of a hotel) for the first week or two while you chase up advertisements.
You will find accommodation is more expensive in Madrid over a long term than in say Valencia or even Sevilla. I think for a decent double room you're probably looking at around 400-450 a month The trouble is you may find it harder organising rooms from a distance.
There are members on this forum who live in Madrid and Valencia and may be able to give further advice.
Good luck!
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I went on Spaish google and searched for "pisos en alquiler en _______", or "habiciones en alquiler...". I found sites like Loquo, Mil Anuncios, Campus Anuncios, Mundo Anuncio,, and
Keep an eye on the prices, and the area of town.

I've heard of a number of people who've arrived at their destination in Spain and not had a place to live, then they go apartment-hunting when they land. I'm sure it's stressful to now know where you'll live when you get there, but it might be beneficial to see the places before you agree to live there.
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