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The NIE is just that - a number that registers you as financially active in Spain. It is not residency or anything else and in some places you can get it "while you wait". Registering as residents takes a bit more effort as does getting self employed or into the Spanish tax system. The advice to use a gestor is very good - they know the easy ways to do things and have access to a lot of it via the internet. Our advice is often based on events several years ago, so they also know the latest laws.

For many things you'll also need a certificate of empadriamento from the local council to show you live somewhere. Free but you'll need a copy of your escritura or rental agreement, passport and anything else you have handy (I carry a folder with photos, certificates and photocopies with me whenever I approach a Spanish office) It takes about two days in our local ayuntamiento. You'll also find you may need to renew it as the years go by but that's usually easier than the initial application.

I opened a "foreigners" LaCaixa bank account with my passport but had to change account type when I became resident. They were very helpful, even setting up the Telefonica line for me and had English speaking staff. Like all banks it depends on the branch! They have a very good internet site but be prepared for higher bank charges than in the UK. No "free" banking here.
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With regards the Gestor, they take away the Admin frustration for you, as you`ve probably experienced on the net info on procedures in Spain differs quite a lot.

Some of that is down to out of date info, sometimes its by people not in Spain much, mostly its because rules in Spain in govt/official departments can change by day or even by person.

You only have to enter in a search engine "Driving license rules in Spain" just too see how much rubbish is around.

Using a Gestor means one there Spanish, so you`ll not get ignored or sent to the rear of the queue, plus there connected to people, I`ve mentioned Enchufe.To get things done well and quickly sometimes requires friends in well placed areas, the Gestor is well Enchufed.

If you try it yourself, it always ends in more expense, frustration and Alcholism.

A Gestor is well worth the money, as long as there good of course.

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Originally Posted by zuri View Post
To many to recommend one in particular.

As far as NIE, it is illegal to work in Spain without one or registering at Seguridad Social.

I couldn`t officially begin work with my company until the NIE/Seguridad was sorted.

You don`t need to contact the Banks for clarification its on the official govt web pages.

CAM,BBVA,LA Caixa all require NIE before opening the account

You can also apply on line for an NIE nowadays.
I have had a bank account with BBVA for 4 years and have never had a NIE number so I think you are incorrect on that one

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Originally Posted by IceMan View Post
I have had a bank account with BBVA for 4 years and have never had a NIE number so I think you are incorrect on that one

A lot can change in four years, especially in the banking sector. Banks can change their policies overnight, and what was true one week can be totally irrevelant the next. I think this really depends on where you are in Spain and what bank you approach. It wouldn't surprise me if all the banks have tightened their rules about opening accounts due to fears related to rising immigration and money laundering, etc.

When I opened my Spanish bank account in 2005 at Caja Madrid, they allowed me to open it with a passport but told me I had to get an NIE, otherwise they would close the account. Fortunately, my NIE was in process and when I got it, they put that info in their database as part of my account info and they erased my passport info. I know other people who tried to open bank accounts in Spain a year later, in 2006, and they were told that they had to have an NIE, no exceptions.
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