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Default Recommendations for Spanish language school in Malaga?

Hi i've been looking for a spanish language school in Malaga and have come across 3:

1. Colegio Maravillas, Avda Salvador Vicente, 9 Benalmadena

This is 187 euros for 20 intensive lessons with students having an average age of 30.

2. Escuela Mediterraneo
, San Nicolas

This is 230 euros for 30 lessons intensive av. age 25

3. Cervantes Escuela Internacional, Avda Juan Seb Eleano

This is 220 euros+ join fee of 65 for 30 lessons course books not included av. age 20

I would like to stay in a youth hostel and keep the costs down I was looking at Malaga school hostel? calle Bolivia.

Has anybody used any of these 3 schools, and can anyone recommend cheap accommodation near to one of them.

The reasons i've put the average age of the students is that i'm 31 and I have been informed by others that some schools can be overrun by horny teenagers.... I'm just looking to get over to Spain for a week and learn as much Spanish as possible while i'm there.

So i'm looking for a language school that is good value for money and within walking distance of a youth hostel, any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance
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Default Spanish

I've just come back from 3 weeks at Escuela Mediterraneo and had been there before. Definitely to be recommended. S smallish school just round the corner from the beach and 4 -5 minutes walk from the old town. There accommodation was in the old town too.

If youre wanting to book any of these schools, check out Estudia-Espana's website. They have special offers on lots of schools in Malaga and elswhere.

Keep us up-to-date on how the trip goes if you decide to go for it... Im gonna do the same in the next few days.
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