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Default Springsteen - Working On A Dream

Has anyone listened to this album yet?? I'm a *MASSIVE* Springsteen fan but I think this album is dissapointing to say the least!! I really don't like what Brendan O'Brian is doing with his songs, they're not punchy just wishy-washy. You can barely hear different instruments and his voice doesn't grab you like most of them.

On top of that he's not coming to England on his tour!
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No but I get to see the Eagles in July - thats one ambition fulfilled
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Originally Posted by gary View Post
No but I get to see the Eagles in July - thats one ambition fulfilled
As heard on the Coen's 1998 cult film 'The Big Lebowski' : The Dude gets in a taxi cab after a rough night and the song 'New Kid in Town' is playing in the radio.

The Dude: Jesus, man, can you change the station?
Cab Driver: **************** you man! You don't like my ****************ing music, get your own ****************ing cab!
The Dude: I've had a...
Cab Driver: I pull over and kick your ass out, man!
The Dude: - had a rough night, and I hate the ****************ing Eagles, man.
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Switch, to answer your question, I have not heard the album enough to comment on it yet. I share your enthusiasm for Springsteen, though...the song "Thunder Road," especially when the song breaks open between the lyrics "What else can we do now....except roll down the window and the wind blow back your hair" is one of my favorite moments in all of recorded music.

But you might enjoy the following article from a website that I waste way too much time on while I should be working:,23117/
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