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Default Vodafone BB roaming

Hi all,
I have managed to get hold of a cheap Blackberry phone and am looking at connecting up to a vodafone contract. I currently have my Spanish cell with vodafone, so it seems logical to go with them as I can keep the same number.
I spend a bit of time in France/Belgium/Holland and so I quizzed them in the vodafone shop about roaming. Am I right in understanding that it costs 6 euro/day (for up to 15MB) to use ANY data from outside of Spain? I would mostly like to use it to PIN my boyfriend (who also has a BB) when outside of Spain (I'm a bit of a techno-phobe but understand that a PIN is counted as data on a BB), and therefore wouldn't need much data at all. Are there any cheaper options, other companies etc? Any advice from others in the same boat?
Thanks in advance,
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I don't know the exact terms of the Spanish Vodafone contracts, but yes - one of the considerations with a Blackberry is that it is "always online", ie. waiting for the Push Mail.

However the e-mail is setup, retrieving it is going to be using data and that data costs extra when you are not in your home country.

So with Blackberrys there are two basically three options:
1. pay
2. pay, but make sure you are on a good tariff
2. disable e-mail when you are out of the country and use SMS instead

The Blackberry is probably SIM-locked as well, so that you can't just insert a foreign SIM-card, and even if you did the push-mail would not work because you home provider would not find you in the network.
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