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Default finding inexpensive apartment?

My husband and I will be in Spain, mostly Madrid for about 2 to 3 months. How to find an apartment for that time?
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You probably thought you asked a simple question, but the answer depends on the following:

What do you consider to be inexpensive?
How much are you prepared to spend?
What is most important to you and your husband? Location, space, affordability?
Do you want to rent a room in a shared apartment where you'd be living with other people?
Or do you want privacy and wish to rent an entire apartment for just the two of you?
What time of year do you plan to come?

You can get an idea of what the rents are like by checking out sites such,, and

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Thank you Beckett, we will be in madrid in late May and June. We would prefer an independent furnished apartment but it doesn't have to be large, a studio or one bedroom would be ok. We can afford up to 2000 euros a month but of course that would mean that we would have much less to spend. Under 1400 would be best if possible or even less. Location is important as we do not drive and would have to be near a metro line. When studying Spanish, I have lived near Ruben Diario, near Latina and near the back side of Retiro. Those are perfect areas for us but I have no idea about rentals or agencies or even where to start. The school had arranged these homestays but now we are not taking classes and are on our own. My husband is on a sabbatical and will be doing research work in Europe for one year and Spain is one of the countries we will be in. Any help would be appreciated. Also, are there neighborhoods that one should not stay in? Every big city has "spots" that are not as safe as others. Thanks again
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Default re: finding inexpensive apartment?


Beckett you given here very good information. i like to spend some time in Spain and i want an apartment also like Mei that is inexpensive and also good. so this information will help, thanks for sharing this information.


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There are agencies that specialize in short term accommodation in Madrid, for example When I've stayed in Madrid previously I used as they select from different agencies (without charging any more). They may be worth asking, as I'm not sure if they rent out whole apartments, as opposed to a room in a shared house. If they don't they will probably know who does.
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