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Originally Posted by saiguanas View Post
You can certainly make an arguement for him. I'll give you that but he was rather violent before going to jail. A lot of the plans that were carried out by his MK were based on the model that he created when he founded the group. He could have taken a harder look at Gandhi or M.L. King. That was true "peaceful" change. Isn't that what the award is supposed to be about, peace?

Ok. Even if I give you that one, you can't dispute Yasser Arafat or Le Duc Tho.

The point being, they don't always give it to the most deserving and many times they don't give it someone that deserves it at all. It's become a worthless award diluted by all of the ones that shouldn't be on the list. I guess if you say the right thing, you'll get an award but you don't really have to back it up. Sometimes, if you fix the problem that you caused you get one too.
Ok so let's give one to Dubya for his expository skills and one to me for my spelling skillz
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