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Default Compliments and Advice to Ben and Marina

Ben and Marina have hit on something very special with 'Note in Spanish'. The idea of learning spanish from a non-native speaker sounds strange at first but I have found it quite inspiring. Ben continues to learn from his mistakes and doesn't worry about making them. The audio presentations are well thought through yet spontaneous and this makes them entertaining lively and informative.

My major problem with the materials and the website in general is that they are very Madrid- and Spain- centric. Most of the phrases that Ben labels as 'super-cool' received baffled expressions from my Argentine wife when I tried to use them and she told me that one phrase used by ben and marina would cause offence when used in argentina.

So an area for expansion might be to go into World Spanish. It would be a shame to lose the attractive chemistry between the two presenters but perhaps ben could do a series of podcasts / videos with South American speakers to highlight the differences. I think you would get more sales in the States as I imagine that most North Americans are more likely to encounter south or central american spanish than Castilian.

I have enjoyed the materials and will continue using them but will need to be very careful which bits I use with my wife's family.

Well done!

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Originally Posted by londonbaires View Post

I have enjoyed the materials and will continue using them but will need to be very careful which bits I use with my wife's family.

...even in English
Welcome to the forum londonbaires.
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Thanks lb, I'm glad you like what we do! We realise what you say is true, so do try to keep the Madrid and Spain-ism's to a minimum, or at least be very clear when we can that they are local phrases.

What I always say though is that if you do use one with a South American speaker who then looks baffled, or laughs, it's great, as you'll soon learn their slang version for the phrase too!
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